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2019 End of Year Update:
Wow what a year! This year saw us travel all around the country and we are so grateful to all of our customers for their loyal support. We did hundreds of private signings and this year was highlighted by ending the year with Academy Award Winning Legend Richard Dreyfuss. 
2020 is shaping up to be amazing and we are really looking forward to traveling all across the country and internationally.

2018 End of Year Update:
This year ended with amazing signings, appearances and a great holiday season.
Thank you to all our great customers who made this year our biggest and best ever.
It felt great to be able to give back to many charities and go fund me projects in the horror world this year. The charities this year we sent financial contributions to included Scares that Care, Folds of Honor, and Safe Haven for Cats.
We are so looking forward to 2019 being amazing for Autograph Sales and Client Appearances all around the world.
We will be announcing New Clients for personal appearances and plenty of New Autograph Signings. Our First New Client to announce is the One and Only Voice of Ghostface in the Scream Movie Series: ROGER L. JACKSON.
Roger is an amazing talent, has not been on the appearance scene lately and has a beautiful signature for the fans to add to their collection.
As always if we can help you with anything just email us Sales@HorrorAutographs.com
Thank you again for helping make 2018 wonderful and looking forward to a great 2019.

This year has been amazing so far......travels have had us in Atlanta, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hollywood, Charlotte, and Buffalo and we haven't even hit the middle of year yet!
We have had clients appear all over the country and for private signings the first five months has been amazing! We have had the honor of signing with The Master of Horror JOHN CARPENTER and even the first private signing for the IT Kids from the 2017 Horror Movie Hit IT!
The list for the year so far is amazing with new signers for us including Jonathan Breck, Clive Barker, Michael Biehn, Bin Furuya, Marli Renfro, Adrienne Barbeau, Judith Ridley, Kyra Schon, Richard Dreyfuss, Kim Director, John Kassir, James Duval, and several more.....
plus dozens of signings with our friends and fan favorites like: Kane Hodder, Linda Blair, Tom Savini, Nick Castle, Doug Bradley & The Cenobites, Alex Vincent, Tobin Bell, Sid Haig, Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, Jim Winburn, RA Mihailoff, The Soska Sisters, plus our "Jason" friends including CJ Graham, Ted White, Tom Morga, Ken Kirzinger, Warrington Gillette, Derek Mears, and of course Kane Hodder.
I am even forgetting some of the amazing signings we have conducted this year but it has been so much work but oh so much fun!
I really am looking forward to the second half of 2018 and we will have clients all over the country and even some international events. For private signings we have some great names lined up and with the Horror Movie releases for the rest of the year 2018 is going to be the year of Horror for sure!

Well this year has been incredibly busy and lots of appearances and signings
have taken place over the past nine months. It has been great to see so many
customers over the year, continue to book several guests and then to conduct
so many private signings as well.

Boy this holiday season is going to showcase
some amazing new pieces that have been completed over the past few months!
If I can help with any special gifts or pieces for your collection just let me know.

The best part about the fourth quarter will be all of the charitable donations that
I will be announcing and sending to some amazing charities to support the sincere
efforts of some great people and supporting those in need. I am truly happy to be
able to give back and I owe it to my customers for their continued support.......
More information and news to come!..........

This year has started out crazy with the booking of C.J. Graham for his  "First Ever" IN COSTUME "JASON VOORHEES" PHOTO OP with Fans, it was a major success at Days of the Dead Atlanta Show and you can get a photo op with C.J. at other Days of the Dead shows in 2017!
I also have client Steve Dash booked to do his FIRST EVER Costume Photo Op of JASON VOORHEES in Days of the Dead INDY and the First ever DUAL Photo Op with CJ and STEVE at DOTD INDY!

The first quarter of '17 has had a bunch of signings including "Jasons" Steve Dash, Ted White, CJ Graham, and Kane Hodder, "Michaels" Tony Moran, Nick Castle, Jim Winburn and Tyler Mane!
Tons of other stars have signed for me including: Linda Blair, Bill Johnson, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Adrienne King, Addy Miller, PJ Soles, The Burns Twins from The Shining, Danny Lloyd, & Tom Savini !!!

The second quarter of '17 is looking "AMAZING" with some Legends I really admire and signatures that every Horror collection should have including The Godfather of Zombies GEORGE ROMERO, The King of the Monsters GODZILLA first suit actor HARUO NAKAJIMA, Machete himself DANNY TREJO, the Legend MALCOLM MCDOWELL, Candyman TONY TODD, the one and only ELVIRA, KEN FOREE, "Jasons" Steve, CJ and Kane, LINDA BLAIR, and of course Sid and Bill
and I know there will be lots more as well added to my signing list so keep an eye out on the upcoming signings page!

The third quarter of '17 is already filling up and July is slammed packed with appearances and signings so more info to come! If I can help you out with a special item for your collection or a great gift item just let me know I am always glad to help. Thank you so very much to all of my customers and friends for your support and contact anytime for anything. Looking forward to '17 being the best ever.........

2016 UPDATE:
A great big THANK YOU to all my customers for the incredible support and kind words. Also a big THANK YOU to all the promoters that have booked my clients for their shows and conventions, it means a lot to me.

I am very honored to now represent several Legends and Stars of the Horror world for personal appearances including Jason Voorhees Legends C.J. Graham and Steve Dash, The Candyman Tony Todd, The Original Michael Myers Tony Moran, and so many more stars including Hall of Famer's like WWE Legends Road Warrior Animal!

Business has been incredible and we have conducted literally hundreds of signings with the stars and legends of horror. I am very honored to work with these great people and even more lucky to call several friends and enjoy working with several multiple times!

I am looking forward to 2016 finishing on the highest of highs with incredible business for the last quarter and literally dozens and dozens of signings including an amazing huge lineup of Friday the 13th members, Hellraiser cast, TCM 2 cast, RZ Halloween cast, and "Icon" Alice Cooper and not to mention the hottest show on television cast members of Stranger Things!! 2016 is going to finish up with a Huge Bang! 

I am also really happy to report my charitable efforts have been real successful with donations this year already made to Scares that Care and to the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco, CA. (The center that saved good friend Kane Hodder's life).
I look forward to adding to my charitable efforts as the year comes to an end.
THANK YOU so much to all my customers that allow me to give back to these wonderful charities.
By the way it was amazing celebrating my 16th Birthday with the Horror Legends
of Alice Cooper, Kane Hodder, Steve Dash and CJ Graham, one to remember!

Hello everyone and welcome to HorrorAutographs.com.
My name is Spencer and I am 14 years old and this is my business.
My Dad has been in the sports memorabilia and autograph business for over
30 years and I have learned a lot from him, his shows and public and private signings
that I have helped with over the past several years. 

My passion is movies and I thought no better genre of movies to start a business with
than the Horror and Thriller movie genre. The actors, directors and everyone involved
in the Horror and Thriller movies seem to be great to work with and offer the incredible
opportunity to create amazing autographed memorabilia pieces to offer on my site.

At HorrorAutographs.com you can be assured that your item is 100% Authentic as the
majority of the items we offer come direct from our signings with the talent IN PERSON!
Each item will come with the HorrorAutographs.com HOLOGRAM
and Certificate of Authenticity (COA).
You will also receive a proof picture from the signing with the talent!
Some items may come direct from the studio or talent and we will provide their personal COA for those special items. Other items will come with either PSA or JSA Authentication
Certificate of Authenticity, as PSA and JSA are the recognized leaders in autograph authentication.

I travel all across the United States and setup signings with the Legends and Stars of the movies.
I am very lucky to have worked with some of the biggest and best in the world of Horror including:
Kane Hodder, Gunnar Hansen, Tobin Bell, Derek Mears, Tyler Mane, Tom Savini, CJ Graham,
Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Bill Johnson, R.A. Mihailoff, Don Shanks, Ted White, Dan Yeager,
and "First Jason" Ari Lehman! I am very honored to work with each of these great guys and
I am very lucky to call many of them my friends. Thanks for checking in on me guys and caring
about my new business it really means a lot!

I am looking forward to an amazing 2015 that I have planned including showcasing at some shows,
and hosting some public signings with some of the Horror Legends! I am also really looking forward to conducting some new signings with greats like Robert Englund "Freddy", Ken Kirzinger "Jason", Nick Castle and Dick Warlock "Michael Myers", Addy Miller & Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, and I know I will have dozens more in 2015 to be adding to my website!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope that you find something you would like to add to your
collection. If I can help in any way please let me know and customer service is my number one priority so please do not hesitate to contact me directly at sales@horrorautographs.com for anything at all.
Founder and CEO

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