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  • Collection of signed horror memorabilia featuring a 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Freddy Krueger Funko Pop, 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Leatherface Funko Pop, signed 'Scream' movie poster, and a 'Halloween' movie poster with a Jason mask in front. Unique collectibles for horror enthusiasts.
  • Promotional banner stating 'FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS SITEWIDE!' with a striking red stamp overlay on a moody, misty forest backdrop, highlighting the special offer for horror memorabilia collectors.
  • Montage of Michael Myers Halloween Collection including a signed knife, Illinois license plate replica, Funko Pop figure, movie poster, and mask. The collection showcases memorabilia from the classic horror film 'Halloween' for fans and collectors.
  • A promotional image for 'Mystery Boxes' featuring a sleek black box with a question mark, alongside horror memorabilia including a Jason mask, signed horror icon portraits, and a 'Child's Play' Chucky Funko Pop figure.
  • Showcase of the 'Saw' Tobin Bell Collection with a 'Saw' movie poster, a Billy the Puppet Funko Pop figure, an autographed white mask with red spirals, and a signed script cover, all set against a creepy bathroom scene reminiscent of the movie.
  • Collage for the 'Friday the 13th' Jason Voorhees Collection featuring two Funko Pop figures of Jason, a signed machete, a hockey mask with autographs, and artwork with iconic scenes from the franchise, all under a full moon setting.
  • Featured collection of 'Jaws' and Richard Dreyfuss memorabilia including signed Funko Pop figures of the Great White Shark and Matt Hooper, a 'Jaws' movie poster, and a photo, all accompanied by an image of Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Assortment from the Tony Todd and 'Candyman' collection, featuring signed 'Candyman' movie posters, a script cover with Tony Todd's autograph, and an action figure of the actor in character, set against a portrait of Tony Todd wearing a hat.
  • Collection of signed scripts from classic horror films and series, featuring 'Friday the 13th', 'The Walking Dead', and 'Halloween', presented on a wall with a film clapboard design and 'SIGNED MOVIE SCRIPTS' title above.
  • Picture of Millie-Bobby-Brown, one of her first private autograph signings.

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